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Fascinating processes from simple mechanics to high-tech manufacturing need equal measurement and analysis capabilities.

The goal of MuScope

Providing more than measurements

Founding the metrology consultancy was a vision of ours. We help businesses succeed by helping you make decisions about metrology initiatives with confidence. Our expertise allows companies to benefit from invaluable insights that enable them to better understand their needs and make well-informed decisions. We are dedicated to bringing measurement technology from product development to serial measurement to our customers’ homes. As an evolution of a conventional measurement service provider, we focus on actively bringing the know-how and our network to the customer. This reduces external measurements to a minimum. The advantage of this is not only the decisively lower costs, but also more efficient processes and extended flexibility. Because only when the measurement technician sits next to the engineer can both departments develop their full potential. Our goal has always been to provide excellent service and enable our customers to remain competitive in a rapidly changing market.

Florence Jacob

Passionated metrologist and Co-Founder of MuScope

As a polymechanic and technician by training, I discovered the science of dimensional measurement during one of my first professional experiences. My technical training quickly enabled me to understand how parts are produced and their functionality. This skill proved to be crucial for measurement. Since then, with a passion and love of learning, I have had the opportunity to discover different technologies such as contact and optical measurement in different fields such as watchmaking, machine tools and food processing. However, I realised that very often companies, concerned about the quality of their product, were investing in great machines but were struggling to recruit qualified personnel. The reason for this is that there is no training for metrologists in Switzerland. The users of these machines are therefore often initially caught off guard and need time to become independent. I know this situation; I have experienced it. This is why I decided to provide the service I would have dreamed of when I started measuring. Personalized on-site support to make new technicians autonomous as quickly as possible. With a caring but thorough nature, I can guide your employees to help them deliver reliable measurements quickly.

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Florence Jacob

Joel Reinhart

Enthusiastic CT metrologist and Co-Founder of MuScope

As enthusiastic analysis specialist, I came into contact with X-ray measurement technology shortly after training as a CNC mechanic. Through night-long experimentation in the laboratory of a measurement service provider, I sometimes discovered somewhat unconventional solutions. In the medical, food and small appliance industries, well-known manufacturers developed products with my support. “Even then, the “tricky” projects appealed to me. In my opinion, the progress of analysis methods in X-ray technology is still in its infancy. As a measurement service provider limited to your own machinery, the technical possibilities are limited. Through international partnerships, we now have access to the most powerful machine park in the field of X-ray analysis. That means there is no such thing as impossible. Have you ever tomographed a small car or measured a battery voltage contactlessly?” My goal is to accompany your development processes from the beginning to the successful completion of a project. The technology of tomorrow is already available today.”

Joel Reinhart

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