Our carefully selected services

Measurements and metrologists on demand

From simple first measurement report until knowledge transfering coaching solutions, all out of one hand


  • Finding of new measurement solution
  • Improvement of measurement methods
  • Coaching for metrology
  • Computed tomography
  • CMM
  • Optical/Laser/Interferometrie
  • Measuring on demand
  • Create initial sample test report 
  • Calculate target actual comparison
  • Computed tomography
  • Assembly analyzing 
  • Structural and mechanical analysing
  • Digital archiving (structural, dimensional)


Get expertise from professionals

1. Define the needs

To understand your needs in terms of measuring machine, we will analyze your measuring process in your company. 

2. Proposal with advice

Out of this informations, we  can give you different proposals of several brands, according to your specific situation. 

3. Coaching

To stay sure that you can use the full potential of your new tool, we will help you, to develop the new measurement method. 

Finding of new measurement solutions

When you want to set up a new metrology service, there are many questions to ask.
What do you want to measure, why, when, where?
These answers influence the different choices of technology, speed, accuracy, brand, but also the budget of the machine(s) you wish to buy.
We propose to answer these questions together, and then we suggest the most suitable machines for your needs.

Developing solutions

Improvement of measurement methods

Once the machine has been chosen, there is still work to be done and things to be implemented.
How to be sure that the measurements you make are reliable? How do you organize the results to avoid being overwhelmed or lost with all these results?
How to use them efficiently?
Our experience can make your life easier and save your time.

Experience saves time


It is not easy to find a metrologist in Switzerland, there is no educational path to this profession.
Often, you are forced to choose a person who has little or no knowledge of measurement and train her. The process can be slow when there is nobody on site to support the training.
We offer to be on site with you to support you and speed up the training process.

Weekly support meeting
Support on your site with your tools

For many reasons you could need a helping hand in your lab:

  • Order peaks
  • Metrologist with broken leg?
  • Staff shortage

Every situation is different, don’t hesitate to contact us for a quotation.

Our technology experiences are polyvalent:

  • tactile (CMM)
  • optical systems
  • computed tomography
  • interferometry
Certainly this service is available all over europe!
Emergency support on site
Expand your capacity for measurements:

Measuring as a service can bridge over order peaks in your own lab.

Standard services:

  • First measurement Report
  • Target actual comparison

Especially for R&D labs, we provide a research service for new metroloy solutions.

Target actual comparison
Use one of our 10 different type of tomography

Analyse dimensional features in asssemblys.
Take a closer look to the structure of a material!

Due our brand independent market position, we have access to the most flexible machinery all over europe.
Feel free to contact us, eveverything is tomographable.

X-Ray tomography of a plastic part (Orange=CAD)