Industrial computed tomography

Non-destructive testing with ionising radiation

CT opens a new world for dimensional analysis. 3D-Scanning, 3D-Measurements, Cross-sections and 3D-Videos of hidden dynamic situations. MuScope offers all of this as a service on demand and supports with coaching and consulting for companys who want to develop themself in this direction.

Scan in 4 dimensions

Catch a view in- and outside

Like in medical radiology, X-rays allow to understand the inside of an assembly without having to open it, the same technology is used in the industry to visualise interior and exterior of parts and assemblys with excellent resolution and accuracy. Different types of industrial CT solutions are widely used in the plastic industry, packaging, casting and much more… CT measuremenets are considered non-destructive and allow even imaging of moving processes. From simple 3D-Scan service to accurate milestone documentation of endurance tests, complete data acquisition with MuScope simplify processes.

3D-Digitalisation and its advantages

Industrial computed tomography is more than just 3D-Metrology


Tomography allows accurate and complex measurements of interior and exterior components. From freeshape surfaces up to volume determination.

Micro CT-Scan of a watch, visualisation of flatness

Reverse engineering and tool correction

High accurate 3D-Scans can get reversed to a CAD file. Part based compensation allow tool correction in complex situations.

3D-Scanned and reverse engineered defect part

Target actual comparison

Fast inspection by comparing the CT model to CAD. This method delivers visual and easy to interpret results.

Target actual comparison of a reversed CAD to CT - Highest possible 3D Scan accuracy of micro ct is +-0.3 micron

Wall thickness analysis

Informations about the general thickness of a part can be visualized in a false color representation.

Wall thickness analyse in 3D on a plastic part

Porosity and inclusion Analyses

Simple visualisation of porosity and inclusions allowes precise process improvement. This data can be loaded into an existing Patran® or Nastran® mesh to compare it with the simulated results.

Visualisation of a porosity analyse for plastic injection molded part

Fiber Analyses

Fiber volume fractions and fiber orientations can be visualized and exported in the Patran® or Nastran® Format. Nano ct delivers images with detail recognition up to 50nm.

CT-Slice of glass-filled plastic

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